Friday, 23 January 2009

Retrospect Ensemble?

The Kings Consort is, apparently, no longer happy with its name. This is reasonable enough, considering the recent revelations about the activities of Robert King. In fact, its hard to think of a worse name - Jonathan Kings Consort perhaps? What they've come up with isn't quite that bad, but it hardly rolls of the tongue. Still, the success of Ensemble 415, a group named after a pitch convention (sexy!), demonstrates that in period performance at least its the sounds you make and not the sounds your name makes that matter.

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  1. The King's Consort is, of course, alive and touring extensively under Robert King's direction. 2010 is TKC's 30th anniversary year.

    TKC has just presented a major tour of Bach's St Matthew Passion across Europe, with renowned soloists including James Gilchrist, David Wilson-Johnson, Jan Kobow, Julia Doyle, Diana Moore and Joshua Ellicott, including sell-out concerts at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Lucerne Easter festival, Cuenca Festival and at Madrid's Auditiorio Nacional. Other concerts and tours in 2010-2011 include Austria, Belgium, France, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

    You can read more about TKC's activities at