Tuesday, 2 February 2010

MusBook: Networking, forums, news, music uploads...and even a TV station!

I just wanted to draw your attention to a new website I recently came across: MusBook. Basically, it is facebook for musicians, so it has all the social and professional networking functionality of facebook (you can even link your facebook and MusBook accounts), but also has a range of other features aimed at musically-minded users. If you have an ensemble that is looking for players (or audiences), this is the place to find who you are looking for. Also check it out if you’re a teacher looking for pupils, or a pupil looking for a teacher. They have some impressive MySpace type sound and video uploading facilities. And yes, even a TV station offering online music-related videos. It has only been up in its current form since the start of the year, so it’s early days. On the technical side, everything seems to work, they just need a few more members to get the online community side of things really active. So what are you waiting for? And if you want to be my MusBook friend, you’ll find me at: http://www.musbook.com/GavinThomasDixon

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