Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Composer deaths quiz

Match the composer to the unfortunate circumstances of their demise (alleged or real). Many thanks to 'Nicedoc' at Yahoo Answers for this one.

1. Robert Schumann
2. Jean-Baptiste Lully
3. Charles-Valentin Alkan
4. Alban Berg
5. Peter Tchaikovsky
6. Henry Purcell
7. Maurice Ravel
8. Ernest Chausson

a. Died when a bookcase fell on him
b. Died by riding his bicycle into a wall
c. Died when he smashed his foot with a pole while keeping rhythm and it got infected.
d. Died from cholera after drinking unboiled water.
e. Died after getting sick in the cold after being locked out by his wife
f. Died from mercury poisioning as a complication of syphilis treatment
g. Died from complications from an insect bite
h. Died from complications after being whacked in the head while in a taxi

1 comment:

  1. The Alkan anecdote, unfortunately, has been debunked. Too bad; it was more fun when it was true.